Of Linn & Johnson County, Iowa

Why Tidbits?

Tidbits offers extremely low cost marketing with exceptional readership.


How we are able to offer our rates at a fraction of all other print options available is by keeping our costs down.


While the local newspapers have commercial buildings with much more cost than my home office. Also, they need many employees in order to create the content for the readers. We get our reader’s content through Tidbits Media Inc. which has over three hundred other publishers paying for the same content.


While direct mail is a good saturation method to get your marketing message out to specific households, it’s impossible to know if the recipient will read what was sent to them or just pitch it. We are able to control the amount of read papers by monitoring how many are picked up each week at distribution locations and make adjustments as necessary to limit our return rate. Then we take the returns to other locations which we like to run out at these secondary locations. This keeps us from printing papers that never get read.


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